Japanese Culture Experience

A lunch with Japanese table manners and origami lessons will be offered to allow guests to enjoy the flavors and aromas of seasonal ingredients in authentic Japanese cuisine while experiencing Japanese culture at the Japanese cuisine restaurant Yamazato. Lessons will be held in English.

Japanese Table Manners Lesson
※Reservation only

Japanese Table Manners Lesson image

You can learn basic Japanese table manners and etiquette from a lecturer from Yamazato. Please enjoy learning Japanese dining etiquette, while eating Japanese cuisine with your family and friends.

Hours of operation 12:00~14:30
Fare ¥12,000
(including food, instruction and 10% service charge)
※ We accept up to 10 people for the workshop.
Cuisine Kaiseki-ryori with Seasonal ingredients
Reservations Japanese Cuisine Yamazato (03)3505-6070

Origami Lesson Lunch
※Reservation only

Origami Lesson image

Our Yamazato staff who studied with Ms. Makiko Takagiwa, lecturer of the Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan, will give you a lecture on origami, the art of folding paper. Please enjoy making origami and Japanese cuisine from Yamazato.

Duration 18 June, 2017
Hours of operation Lesson / 12:00~13:00 , Lunch / 13:00~
Fare ¥7,000
(including food, instruction and 10% service charge)
※ We accept up to 4 people for the workshop.
Cuisine Seasonal Luncheon
Reservations Japanese Cuisine Yamazato (03)3505-6070
Japanese Cuisine
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