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July August, 2015 Floor Map

Wednesday, July 1 ~ Monday, August 31: Closed for the South Wing renovation
The following facilities will remaim in operation while the South Wing renovation works are in progress.

The South Wing will undergo construction from July to August 2015.

After September 2015 MapPrintable Map(PDF)
July,August 2015 Floor Map Okura Health Club Guest Room Chinese Table Starlight (Chine Cuisine) Sazanka(Teppanyaki) Spa Nature Court Tea Ceremony Room “Chosho-An” Toh-Ka-Lin(Chinese Cuisine) Orchid Room (Continental Cuisine) Yamazato (Japanese Cuisine, Tempura) Kyubei (Sushi) Orchid Bar (Main Bar) (Business Center / Wedding & Banquet Salon) Oak Room Emerald Room Seiryu York Clifford Ume, Aoi, Sumire, Hagi, Kiku, Sakura Nursery “Little Mate” Heian Akebono Continental Room Atlantic Room Terrace Restaurant (Western Cuisine) Chef’s Garden Terrace Outdoor Pool “Green Oasis”

Check In / Check Out / Currency Exchange

Front Reception / Cashier / Foreign Currency Exchange Machine
5F, Main Building & 1F, South Wing

La Belle Epoque (French Cuisine):12F, South Wing
Baron Okura (Wine Dining & Cigar Bar):12F, South Wing
Toh-Ka-Lin (Chine Cuisine):6F, Main Building
Sazanka (Teppanyaki): 11F, Main Building
Yamazato (Japanese Cuisine, Tempura):5F, Main Building
Kyubei (Sushi):5F, Main Building
Orchid Room (Continental Cuisine):5F, Main Building
Chinese Table Starlight (Chine Cuisine):11F, Main Building
Terrace Restaurant (Western Cuisine):1F, Main Building
Dining Cafe Camellia (Coffee Shop):1F, South Wing

Baron Okura (Wine Dining & Cigar Bar):12F, South Wing
Orchid Bar (Main Bar):5F, Main Building
Bar Highlander (Scottish Bar):1F, South Wing

Chef’s Garden Terrace: 1F, Main Building
Chef’s Garden Camellia: 1F, South Wing

Banquet Rooms (Main Building)
Heian Room: 1F, Main Building
Akebono: 1F, Main Building
Continental Room: 1F, Main Building
Atlantic Room: 1F, Main Building
Oak Room: 2F, Main Building
Emerald Room: 2F, Main Building
Seiryu: 2F, Main Building
York: 2F, Main Building
Clifford: 2F, Main Building
Ume, Aoi, Sumire, Hagi, Kiku, Sakura: 2F, Main Building

South Wing
Ascot Hall: B2F, South Wing
Garnet: B2F ,South Wing
Topaz: B2F, South Wing
Orchard Room: 2F, South Wing
Maple Room: 2F, South Wing
Mayfair: 12F, South Wing
Chelsea: 12F, South Wing
Kensington Terrace: 12F, South Wing
Botan, Shobu, Suzuran, Kikyo, Nadeshiko: 2F, South Wing

Wedding Ceremony
Japanese Wedding: 2F, Main Building
Chapel: 2F, Main Building
Japanese Wedding: 2F, South Wing
Chapel: 2F, South Wing

Beauty Salon, Photo Studio
Beauty Salon: 2F, Main Building & 2F, South Wing
Formal Wear Rental: 2F, Main Building & 2F, South Wing
Photo Studio: 2F, Main Building & 2F, South Wing
Barber Shop: B1F, South Wing

Okura Health Club: 1F, South Wing

Spa Nature Court: 9F, Main Building

Culture / School
Tea Ceremony “Chosho-an”: 7F, Main Building
Hotel Okura Wine Academy: 2F, Main Building
Go Salon: 2F, Main Building

Cloak Room
Main Building: 1F, 2F, 5F
South Wing: B2F, 1F, 2F, 12F

Access Way
To South Wing: 5F, Main Building
To Main Building: B1F, South Wing

Main Lobby: 5F, Main Building
South Lobby: 1F, South Wing
Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

Parking Lot
Main Building: B2F, B1F, 1F,
South Wing: B3F, B2F, B1F

Hotel Services
Concierge: 5F, Main Building
Bell Desk: 5F, Main Building 1F& South Wing
The Okura Salon(Business Center / Wedding & Banquet Salon) : 5F, Main Building

Gift Salon: B1F, South Wing
Outdoor Pool “Green Oasis”: 1F, Main Building

Little Mate: 2F, Main Building

Lobby Shops
Cigar Shop: 5F, Main Building
News Stand: 5F, Main Building & 1F, South Wing
Flower Shop: 5F, Main Building

Shopping Arcades
1F, Main Building & B1F, South Wing

Other Services
Esthetic Salon: 2F, South Wing
Car Wash Service: B2F, Main Building
Dentist: B1F, South Wing

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