Kikyo, Suzuran, Shobu, Botan, Suisen, Mokuren(2F)

The Kikyo, Suzuran, Shobu, Botan, Suisen and Mokuren Rooms possess a simple but elegant atmosphere, ideal for quiet, relaxed dinings or meetings They can also serve as waiting rooms or preparation rooms for larger events in the Maple Room or Orchard Room which are on the same floor.

Kikyo, Suzuran, Shobu, Botan, Suisen, Mokuren

Floor Space 31m2/33m2
Ceiling Height 2.6m
Capacity Seated Reception 10/16
Layout Small Banquet Rooms(※Kikyo, Suzuran, Shobu, Botan, Suisen, Mokuren(352KB)
Floor Plan 2F(210KB)

Function Rooms

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