Ascot Hall(B2F)

The first thing you notice upon entering are the gleaming onyx accentuating the ceiling This design achieves a sparse, modern look, while also giving the feel of European elegance The perspective created by the sharp ceiling design makes the space seem limitless the walls of Ascot Hall are inlaid with premium Inada Stone which is prized for its pure hard whiteness, and the beautiful Wilton carpet from England creates a warm atmosphere suitable for welcoming a large number of guests. In addition, Ascot Hall is equipped with two 84-inch plasma displays, while a 300-inch electronically controlled display hung from the ceiling enabling various visual performances.

Floor Space 1,036m2
Ceiling Height I 2.6m、II 5.0m、III 2.6m
Capacity Seated Reception 400, Cocktail Buffet 800, Lecture Style 576, Theater Style 990
Simultaneous Interpreting System 3 Languages, 2 Interpreting Rooms
Audio Equipment Ascot Hall I
Audio Control Table, Microphone with Cable x 4, Wireless Microphone x 2, Line Input x 1, Cassette Player x 1, CD Player x 1, MD Player x 1
Ascot Hall II
Control Room, Audio Control Table, 30 Inputs, Microphone with Cable x1, Wireless Microphone x1, Cassette Player x1, CD Player x1, MD Player x1
Visual Equipment Ascot Hall II
84-Inch Plasma Display x2, 300-Inch Mobile Screen x 1
Lighting Equipment Ascot Hall II
Lighting Control Room, Lighting Control Table, 2 Levels of 40 Faders
Layout Ascot Hall(145KB)
Floor Plan B2F(206KB)

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