Holding a banquet event at Hotel Okura Tokyo guarantees that both you and your guests will enjoy the warmest hospitality. Our experienced chefs whole-heartedly prepare the finest in French, and Japanese Cuisine.

French Cuisine

Hotel Okura Tokyo offers elegant French Cuisine. Please enjoy the splendid fusion of tradition and novelty.
Among the many French menu selections, our consomme soup is a real gem. Our chefs boil beef bouillon made from carefully selected Japanese beef for approximately 17 hours from noon to the following morning. Ground meat, vegetables, and egg whites are then added, and the soup is boiled for another four hours until a clear, golden broth is created. Guests will certainly enjoy its deep, rich taste.

Sample courses
  • Hors d’oeuvre, one main dish, dessert and coffee ¥8,640~
  • Hors d’oeuvre, soup, one main dish, dessert and coffee ¥10,800~
  • Hors d’oeuvre, soup, two main dishes, dessert and coffee ¥16,200~

Chinese Cuisine

Hotel Okura Tokyo proudly presents sumptuous authentic Cantonese cuisine. Please enjoy the quintessence of its tastes to your heart’s content.
"Fire" holds the key when it comes to Chinese cuisine. With the same vegetables, unless you adjust the heat according to the season or quantity, the taste changes. So our chefs control the heat ingeniously. They present what they have just cooked on a warmed plate so that it may not turn cold after a pan was removed from the heat. They calculate time from cooking to eating in serving dishes, which are filled with bold and yet delicate splendor.

Sample courses
  • Lunch (8 dishes) ¥6,480 ~
  • Lunch (9 dishes) ¥8,640 ~
  • Dinner (9 dishes) ¥10,800 ~

Japanese Cuisine

The tradition of Japanese cuisine breathes in serving dishes. Please enjoy the tastes of ingredients in season that change from season to season. In Japanese cuisine, there is a phrase: “Let you eat by how it looks.” In terms of presentation, our chefs come up with a menu that completes a picture on a single plate and each individual dish reminds you of a beautiful painting. Please try a beautiful dish they prepared with their skills and whole heart, made from ingredients and presented in serving dishes that they carefully examined and selected.

Sample courses
  • Kaiseki cuisine (6 dishes, rice, soup, pickles and fruit) ¥12,960 ~
  • Kaiseki cuisine (7 dishes, rice, soup, pickles and fruit) ¥16,200 ~
  • Kaiseki cuisine (8 dishes, rice, soup, pickles and fruit) ¥18,360 ~

※Shokado bento (a traditional black-lacquered Japanese lunch box) that changes from season to season is also available.

Buffet and Food Stalls

Hotel Okura Tokyo offers our original cocktail buffet featuring a wide array of dishes ranging from superb French to Chinese or Japanese cuisine. At the request of the organizer, we will prepare a menu using food stall service, offering a variety of dishes, including sushi, tempura and teppanyaki. We promise to offer the warmest hospitality and honor the guest's preferences.

Our original cocktail buffet and food stall services start with 25 persons and 50 persons, respectively.

Sample courses
  • Cocktail Buffet ¥8,640 ~

※In addition to the sample menus provided, we will be happy to create menu options tailored to meet your purpose, budget, and size of your party. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

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