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One Harmony is a unique membership program that rewards you when you stay at Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International or Hotel JAL City hotels. No matter where you go in Japan or overseas, you can earn points and enjoy special services, privileges and awards — with no membership or annual fees. Welcome to a new world of hospitality and value. Welcome to One Harmony.


【NEW】 La Belle Epoque Breakfast

At French Cuisine/Wine Dining “La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura” , you can have “La Belle Epoque breakfast” with your One Harmony points. Please enjoy the traditional French Toast in a relaxing atmosphere, to start off a fulfilling day.

La Belle Epoque Breakfast

【NEW】Limited-Time Point Award “Yamazato Original Furikake”

You can exchange your One Harmony points to “Yamazato Original Furikake”, dried seasoning over rice, for a limited time. It includes dried young sardines, sakura shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, Japanese pepper, sesame and more. This is also ideal as a gift.


【NEW】New Point Award “UNA-JYU” at Yamazato(Lunch)


The “Seasonal Menus” for One Harmony Members Only

We offer the special seasonal menus for One Harmony members at French Cuisine/Wine Dining “La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura” and Coffee Shop “Dining Café Camellia” from May to June. Don’t miss this chance to dine at member-discount prices. For inquiries or reservations, please directly contact each restaurant.

La Belle Epoque / Baron Okura_menu

※A 10% service charge will be added to the prices (a tax included).