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One Harmony is a unique membership program that rewards you when you stay at Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International or Hotel JAL City hotels. No matter where you go in Japan or overseas, you can earn points and enjoy special services, privileges and awards — with no membership or annual fees. Welcome to a new world of hospitality and value. Welcome to One Harmony.


One Harmony Member-Exclusive “Seasonal Menus”

We offer the special seasonal menus for One Harmony members at Teppanyaki Sazanka and Japanese Cuisine Yamazato from September to October. Don’t miss this opportunity to dine at member-discount prices. For inquiries or reservations, please directly contact each restaurant.

Teppanyaki Sazanka
Japanese Cuisine Yamazato

※A 10% service charge will be added to the prices (a tax included).

【NEW】 Only for One Harmony Members “French Toast Breakfast”

At French Cuisine/Wine Dining “La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura”, the French Toast Breakfast is being offered exclusively to One Harmony members for a limited time. Enjoy the privilege of an elegant morning treat.

French Toast Breakfast

One Harmony “Dining Campaign 2016”

A great chance to get double deals at dining for One Harmony members.
Why not accelerate your points earning and achieve a higher status taking this opportunity?

One Harmony “Dining Campaign 2016”

【NEW】 Recommended Point Awards for a limited time

Our pâtissiers create special Christmas cakes. These cakes may be redeemed for your One Harmony points.
Why not spend enchanting Christmas with your family and friends, highlighted by the Christmas cakes from the Hotel Okura Tokyo?

Recommended Point Awards for a limited time