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One Harmony Member Exclusive Anniversary Plans One Harmony Member Exclusive Anniversary Plans

Member Exclusive Anniversary Plan is available for your special dining occasions—family milestones such as
school entrance or graduation, coming of age, new employment or retirement and wedding anniversaries or birthdays.
We hope you will spend memorable time with your loved ones at Hotel Okura Tokyo.

4 Fabulous Benefits
A Glass of Sparkling Wine or A Strawberry Sponge Cake
50% Discount on Private Room Charge at Restaurants
(on weekdays only, from 4 persons)
20% Discount of Flower Gift at HIBIYA-KADAN FLORAL
Tel +81-3-3224-7216 (10:00~19:00)
Special Price at Igarashi Photo Studio
(Print size 17×23cm, 1pose 1sheet ¥15,000)
Igarashi Photo Studio (2F)
Tel +81-3-3586-1690 (10:00~18:00)
Benefits imagesBenefits imagesBenefits imagesBenefits images
  • Only the registered member of One Harmony can use this plan. 
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  • Please reserve the restaurant before you use benefits at HIBIYA-KADAN FLORAL or Igarashi Photo Studio.

Anniversary Menu

Please reserve the restaurant at least 3 business days in advance.

  • Until August 31, 2019.
  • Benefits are subject to change without prior notice.
  • This plan is available from 2 adults.
  • A 10% service charge will be added to the prices.
Coffee Shop “Dining Café Camellia”

¥6,500 per person

  • Bicolor of Salmon and White Meat Fish Tartare with Green Mustard Sauce
  • Vichyssoise or Minestrone
  • Fish Meuniere with Butter Sauce and Roasted Almond
    Grilled Beef Rib Loin with Horse Radish Sauce
  • Bread or Rice
  • Seasonal Ice Cream Sundae
  • Coffee or Tea
Dining Café Camellia
1F Tel +81-3-3505-6074
Hours of Operation:11:30~21:30
Anniversary Menu imageAnniversary Menu image
Japanese Cuisine “Yamazato”

¥16,500 per person

  • Assorted Appetizer
  • Assorted Sashimi (Assorted Raw Fish)
  • Small Dish
  • Roasted Sea Bream
  • Simmered Vegetables
  • Vinegared Seaweed
  • Sekihan (Red Rice) and Miso Soup
  • Dessert
2F Tel (03) +81-3-3505-6070
Hours of Operation:11:30~14:30
Anniversary Menu imageAnniversary Menu image
Teppanyaki “Sazanka”

¥23,000 per person

  • Appetizer
  • Sazanka Special Salad
  • Lobster
  • Japanese Beef Fillet (150g)
    Japanese Beef Sirloin (200g)
  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Garlic Rice
  • Miso Soup
  • Japanese Pickles
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
3F Tel+81-3-3505-6071
Hours of Operation:11:30~14:30
Anniversary Menu imageAnniversary Menu image
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”

¥22,000 per person

  • Specially-Assorted Cold Appetizer
  • Braised Whole Shark Fin
  • Roast Duck Skin, Peking Style
  • Two Kinds of Sautéed Seafood and Green Asparagus
  • Sautéed Japanese Sirloin Beef with Black Bean Paste
  • Braised Prawns in Chili Sauce
  • Noodle Soup with Shredded Barbecued Pork and Green Onion
  • Almond Jelly and Fresh Fruits
  • Fried Sweet Sesame Dumpling
12F Tel+81-3-3505-6068
Hours of Operation:11:30~14:30
Anniversary Menu imageAnniversary Menu image
French Cuisine / Wine Dining 
“La Belle Epoque / Baron Okura”

¥21,000 per person

  • Small Appetizer
  • Smoked Salmon with Salad “La Belle Epoque”
  • Traditional Consommé
  • Sole Gratin “Bonne Femme”
  • Tenderloin of Japanese Beef in a Pie Crust “Wellington Style”
  • Small Dessert
  • Crepe Suzette, Artistically Flambé with Orange
  • Coffee and Confectionery
La Belle Epoque / Baron Okura
12F Tel+81-3-3505-6073
Hours of Operation:11:30~14:30

※Until August 18, 2019.

Anniversary Menu imageAnniversary Menu image