Dining Café Camellia

Coffee Shop 
Dining Café Camellia:

When the old Main Building opened in 1962, Camellia Corner, known for its distinctive long counter, provided light meals, tea and sweets. In 1973, now a coffee shop, Camellia moved to the first floor of the South Wing, offering a wide variety of dishes ranging from breakfast to late-night light meals. We serve an extensive range of à la carte dishes, including French toast and roast beef, which were popular at European Cuisine Orchid Room and Western Food Terrace Restaurant in the old Main Building. Vegetable Garden, our salad bar, serves seasonal vegetables.


Dining Café Camellia

Location 1F
TEL +81-3-3505-6074
Hours of operation 6:30~24:00
  • ※ When not otherwise specified, please note that a 10% service charge will apply to all prices displayed.

Original Sweets Selection

Duration April 1 ~ 30, 2017
Hours of operation 11:30~21:30
Strawberry Vacherin ¥1,360
Paris-Brest with Strawberries ¥1,460
Strawberries and Cheese ¥1,300
Strawberry Parfait ¥1,800

Vegetable Garden


A salad bar where you can enjoy fresh produce to your heart’s content.
With a regular selection of about 40 varieties of vegetables, it is as colorful as a flower garden.
Chose from a wide array,from crisp,raw vegetables to hot and cold vegetable dishes prepared a variety of ways.
You can order the salad bar as the main entree in a healthy set that includes bread and soup, or as an a la carte addition to your meal.

Hours of operation 11:30~14:00
Fare Salad Bar when ordered a main dish ¥1,200
Salad Bar only ¥2,500
Salad Bar Set(Salad Bar, Soup,Bread) ¥2,800

One Harmony Member-Exclusive “55th Anniversary Menu”

Duration April 1 ~ April 30 , 2017
Hours of operation 11:30~21:30
Menu Salad Bar ‟Vegetable Garden”
Spaghetti Carbonara with Two-Color Asparagus
Grilled Fish with Grated ‟Daikon” Radish and ‟Ponzu” sauce
Bread or Rice
Today’s Special Dessert
Coffee or Tea
Price ¥ 8,000 per person
  • ※A 10% service charge will be added to the prices.
Coffee Shop
Dining Café Camellia 
Hotel Okura Tokyo 1F