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Dining Café Camellia:

Grand Menu

Appetizers & Soups

Smoked Salmon ¥2,500
Creamy Corn Soup ¥1,100
Minestrone ¥1,030
Consommé ¥1,300
Onion Gratin Soup ¥1,400
“Tofu” Soup with Crabmeat and Special Sauce ¥1,300
Vichyssoise ¥1,080

Pasta & Rice Specialities

Japanese Beef Curry and Rice
Fillet Beef Curry and Rice ¥2,800
Shrimp Curry and Rice ¥2,160
Vegetable Curry and Rice ¥2,060
Hashed Beef and Rice ¥2,800
Japanese Beef Curry and Rice ¥4,220
Fillet Beef Pilaff ¥2,500
Crabmeat Pilaff ¥2,700
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Style Pilaff) ¥2,380
Fillet Beef Omerice ¥2,800
Chef's Chicken Omerice ¥2,600
Spaghetti Bolognese ¥2,380
Seafood Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce ¥2,380
Spaghetti Neapolitan ¥2,270
Vegetable Peperoncino, Japanese Style ¥2,300
Shrimp Doria ¥2,380
Shrimp Macaroni Gratin ¥2,490
“Pho” Rice Noodles with Grilled Chicken ¥2,160

Main Dishes

Crabmeat Croquettes
Crabmeat Croquettes ¥2,920
Fried Prawns with Tartar Sauce ¥2,810
Grilled Fish with Grated “Daikon” Radish and “Ponzu” Sauce ¥2,920
Hamburg Steak with Japanese or Mushroom Sauce ¥3,000
Grilled Chicken with Bacon ¥2,600
Beef Stroganoff with Buttered Rice ¥3,500
Vell Cutlet, Milanese Style ¥3,300
Beef Stew ¥4,220
Boiled Beef with Grated “Daikon” Radish and “Ponzu” Sauce ¥4,220
Grilled Fillet of Beef with “Teriyaki” Sauce ¥4,220
Rice ¥470
Bread ¥470


A Bowl of Rice Topped with Chicken and Beaten Egg
A Bowl of Rice Topped with Chicken and Beaten Egg ¥2,500   Half Portion¥1,750
Rice Bowl Marinated Tuna Flavored with “YUZU” Orange and Green Pepper ¥3,240   Half Portion¥2,270
A Bowl of Rice Topped with Grilled Fillet Beef ¥4,110   Half Portion¥2,880

Salad & Salad Bar "Vegetable Garden"

Salad Bar "Vegetable Garden"

Salad Bar

Salad Bar when ordered with a main dish ¥1,200
Salad Bar Set (Salad Bar, Soup and Bread) ¥2,800
Salad Bar Only ¥2,500

Renowned Salads
Caesar Salad ¥1,620
Chef's Salad ¥2,380
Chef's Salad(Half Portion) ¥1,820

※Choice of French, Fresh Herb, Japanese, Thousand Island or Non-oil Japanese Dressings.

Pizza & Camellia Sandwich

Pizza Margherita (Cheese, Basil and Tomato) ¥2,160
Pizza Bismarck (Cheese, Egg, Prosciutto and Rocket) ¥2,270
Pizza Quattro Stagioni (Salami, Sausage, Mushrooms and Vegetables) ¥2,490
Pizza Fisherman (Shrimp, Scallops and Cuttlefish) ¥2,700

Camellia Sandwiches
Mixed Sandwich(Roast Beef, Ham, Tomato and Lettuce) ¥2,060
Smoked Salmon Sandwich ¥2,380
Croque Monsieur(Ham and Gruyere) ¥2,000
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich ¥2,000
Clubhouse Sandwich ¥2,160
Beef Steak Sandwich ¥3,000
Hamburger on Buns ¥2,540

Seasonal Fruits & Desserts

Seasonal Fruits
Melon ¥1,080
Papaya ¥1,080
Mango ¥1,240
Blueberries ¥650
Apple ¥650

Cake Set ¥1,620
Peach Melba ¥980
Chocolate Sundae ¥980
Tropical Jelly ¥810
Custard Pudding with Whipped Cream ¥810
Sherbet ¥810
Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate or Green Tea) ¥810
Various Kinds of Pastry Ranging ¥520~
Pie à la Mode (Apple, Chocolate or Lemon) ¥1,200
Grapefruit Jelly Served with Plain Yoghurt ¥980


Coffee ¥900
Espresso ¥900
Cafe Latte ¥1,050
Cappuccino ¥1,050
Almond Cafe Latte ¥1,100
Caramel Latte ¥1,100
Tea ¥900
Cocoa ¥980
Fresh Herb Tea ¥1,000
Milk ¥650
Milk Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate or Green Tea) ¥870
Green Tea ¥650

Domestic Beer
Draft Beer ¥1,080
Beer (Asahi, Sapporo or Kirin) ¥1,030

Imported Beer
Budweizer ¥1,030
Heineken ¥1,030
Guinness Stout ¥1,030

Sherry ¥1,080
Gin and Tonic ¥1,410
Martini ¥1,410
Campari and Soda ¥1,410
Kir ¥1,410
Kir Royal ¥2,160
Scotch Whisky ¥1,410~

Non Alcohol Beverage
Non Alcohol Beer (Kirin or Suntory) ¥1,030
1688 GRAND ROSE ¥1,520

Soft Drinks
Cola (Regular or Zero) ¥650
Ginger Ale ¥650
Fresh Lemon Squash ¥980

Fresh Juice (Orange or Grapefruit) ¥980
Sicilia Orange Juice ¥1,080
Carrot Juice ¥1,300
Green Juice ¥1,410

Mineral Water
FUJI ¥220
Evian ¥760
Perrier ¥760
S.Pellegrino ¥760
Coffee Shop
Dining Café Camellia 
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