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Hamburger Steak Fair

Duration March 1~ 31 , 2017
Hours of operation 11:30~21:30
Grilled Beef Hamburger Steak with Demiglace Sauce or Black Pepper Sauce ¥3,250
Teriyaki Chicken Hamburger Steak, Ginger Flavor ¥2,950
Lamb Hamburger Steak on a Skewer, Kebab Style with Couscous ¥3,240
Stewed Hamburger Steak, Demiglace Sauce with Tomato Flavor ¥3,350
Beef Hamburger Steak “Okura Classic” ¥3,250

Fresh Vegetable Garden Special Lunch Menu

Salad Bar "Vegetable Garden" included.

Hours of operation 11:30~14:00
Fillet Beef Curry and Rice ¥3,640
Shrimp Curry and Rice ¥3,000
Vegetable Curry and Rice ¥2,900
Hashed Beef and Rice ¥3,640
Fillet Beef Pilaff ¥3,340
Crabmeat Pilaff ¥3,540
Fillet Beef Omerice ¥3,640
Chef's Chicken Omerice ¥3,440
Spaghetti Bolognese ¥3,220
Seafood Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce ¥3,220
Spaghetti Napolitan ¥3,110
Shrimp Doria ¥3,220
※Salad Bar "Vegetable Garden" included.
Drink Set (Coffee or Tea) ¥  360

One Harmony Member-Exclusive Menus

One Harmony member-exclusive menus are being offered throughout the year.

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Dining Café Camellia 
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