Take-Out Corner Chef's Garden Camellia

Chef’s Garden Camellia:

A wide variety of delicatessen items, including Western, Chinese, and Japanese fare, as well as fresh baked breads, cakes, and an array of other homemade creations, is available for purchase.


Chef’s Garden Camellia

Location 1F
Telephone +81-3-3224-6654
Hours of operation 6:30~24:00
Breads 8:00~
Cakes 11:00~
Delicatessen 11:30~

Lemon Pie


The delectable taste of our lemon pie has remained unchanged for over a half-century. The pastry chefs who devised this recipe when the hotel was established used simple ingredients to achieve luxurious taste — and filled their creation with dreams. Now, our sweet-and-sour lemon pie can inspire gourmets of all ages to explore great confections of yesteryear. This “dish chosen with absolute confidence” makes time stand still.

Price ¥540 (1 piece)/¥3,888 (whole)

※You can redeem your One Harmony points.

1 piece 400 points
whole 2,400 points

Chef’s Garden Camellia