La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura

French Cuisine/Wine Dining 
La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura:

Baron Okura Menu

Hours of operation 17:30~21:30
*The business hours have been changed since July 1, 2018.

・Baron Okura menu will be available for customers who use a private room only.
・A private room fee will separately be charged.


【Chinese Cuisine】
Cold Appetizers (3 kinds) ¥4,690
Cold Whole Shark Fin“Sashimi” ¥8,430

【French Cuisine】
Caviar (10g) with Garnishing ¥8,500
Terrine of Foie Gras ¥6,300
Pate “Campagne” Style ¥3,600
Smoked Salmon with Salad ¥4,900
Marinated White Fish Carpaccio with Salad and Caviar, Herb Dressing ¥4,900
Escargots Bourguignon Style ¥3,240
Assorted Sausage with Sauerkraut ¥2,600
Assorted Cheese ¥4,300


Refined Traditional Consommé
【Chinese Cuisine】
Shark’s Fin and Crab Roe Soup ¥2,600

【French Cuisine】
Refined Traditional Consommé ¥3,300
Potage of the Day ¥1,800

Small Plate

Steamed Pork Dumplings
【Chinese Cuisine】
Spring Roll (1piece) ¥280
Steamed Pork Dumplings (4pieces) ¥870

【French Cuisine】
Baguette ¥480


【Chinese Cuisine】
Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables ¥2,580

【French Cuisine】
Tomato Salad ¥1,620
Caesar Salad ¥3,300
Assorted Hot Vegetables ¥3,800
Ratatouille ¥2,500


Deep-fried Stuffed Crab Claw
【Chinese Cuisine】
Sautéed Prawns(Ginger and Green Onion, Black Bean Past, Mayonnaise Sauce or XO Sauce) ¥5,150
Deep-fried Stuffed Crab Claw (1Piece) ¥1,730
Braised Abalone with Oyster Sauce ¥8,430

【French Cuisine】
Fish of the Day Chef Style ¥5,400
Sole Gratin “Bonne-Femme” ¥5,600


【Chinese Cuisine】
Tofu and minced Beef in Chili Sauce ¥2,420

Meat & Poultry Dishes

【Chinese Cuisine】
Crispy Sparerib (Small Pieces with Bones) ¥  2,720
Sweet and Sour Pork ¥  2,720
Fried Chicken ¥  2,580
Smoked Duck ¥  8,100

【French Cuisine】
Roasted Lamb with Lentil ¥  7,400
Confit of Duck with Seasonal Salad ¥  2,600
Sautéed Japanese Filet of Beef with Red Wine sauce ¥15,000
Grilled Japanese Sirloin of Beef with Red Wine Sauce ¥11,000
Filet of Japanese Beef in a Pie Crust “Wellington style” ¥16,200
Japanese Fillet of Beef in a Salt Crust with Red Wine Sauce ¥30,000

Noodles & Rice

Special Fried Noodles ¥1,730
Mixed Fried Rice ¥1,730
Noodle Soup with Shredded “Cha-Shu” Pork and Green Onion ¥1,730


Assorted Fruits ¥4,300
Almond Jelly ¥1,300
Ice Cream ¥  650
Sherbet ¥  650
French Cuisine/Wine Dining
La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura 
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