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Bar Highlander  Scottish Bar

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  • Bar Highlander

Liquors from around the world, including more than 200 varieties of Scotch whisky, are served amidst a genuine Scottish décor.

Location 1F, South Wing
Telephone +81-3-3505-6077
Hours of operation 11:30 a.m.~1:00 a.m. (Monday to Saturday)
11:30 a.m.~0:00 midnight (Sundays & Holidays)
<Pub Hours> 11:30 a.m.~4:00 p.m.
<TeaTime> 1:30 p.m.~4:00 p.m.
Menu Beer ¥1,080~, Whisky ¥1,410~, Fish & Chips ¥2,160


Special Offer for One Harmony Members

“BOLLINGER La Grande Année”
with Hors d'oeuvre
1 Glass ¥5,000

※ When not otherwise specified, please note that a 10% service charge will apply to all prices displayed.

Monthly Menu

From January 1


  • 1 Glass ¥3,500
  • 1 Bottle ¥70,000
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Absolute Confidence

These dishes and drinks selected by asking our expert bartenders,
“What specialties reflect absolute confidence in your life's work?”
We offer you their choices — menu classics and original new creations —
to mark over 50 years since our founding. Superior taste is
the quintessence of our hotel, and we always strive to make you say,
“This is why I chose the Hotel Okura.”



Pluck some wild mint, place in a glass, and squeeze a lime. To reproduce the real recipe for this rum-based cocktail, we went to Cuba, home of the mojito. Now savor the drink beloved by the prize-winning American writer, Ernest Hemingway.

Price:¥1,800 (a glass)

Bar Highlander (Scottish Bar)
Hotel Okura Tokyo 1F, South Wing

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