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La Belle Epoque French Cuisine

  • La Belle Epoque
  • La Belle Epoque

Enjoy French cuisine, both traditional and nouvelle, prepared with only the best seasonal ingredients, amid elegant art nouveau décor.

  As of March, 2015 July・August, 2015 From September, 2015
Location 12F, South Wing La Belle Epoque close from Wednesday, July 1, 2015 until Monday, September 14. 12F, South Wing
Telephone +81-3-3505-6073 +81-3-3505-6073
Hours of operation <Lunch> 11:30 a.m.~2:30 p.m.
<Dinner> 6:00 p.m.~9:30 p.m.
<Breakfast> 7:00 a.m.~10:00 p.m.
<Lunch> 11:30 a.m.~2:30 p.m.
<Dinner> 6:00 p.m.~9:30 p.m.
<Midnight> 9:30 p.m.~0:00 a.m.
Menu Lunch Course Menu ¥5,000~ (include service charge), Dinner Course Menu ¥13,000~

<A La Carte>
  • Smoked Salmon ¥4,900
  • Consommé Soup ¥3,300
  • Sole Meuniére ¥8,100
  • Sirloin Steak ¥14,000
※La Belle Epoque will re-open on lunch time from September 15 th as "La Belle Epoque & Baron".
Private Dining Room Charge Parties of up to 14 ¥16,200

※Gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket.
※Admittance restricted to children 10 years old and over.
※La Belle Epoque may be reserved for weddings and other events during lunch hours.

※ When not otherwise specified, please note that a 10% service charge will apply to all prices displayed.

Monthly Menu

until April 30

Menu Spécialité (Dinner)

Available: 18:00-21:30
Price: ¥29,800

  • Gateau of foie foie gras, sweet bread, lentils and corned beef
  • Cold lobster consommé with sea urchin cream and caviar
  • Braised sole, Hôtelière style
  • Sherbet
  • Please choose a main dish from the following:
    • Fillet of Japanese beef in a pie crust “Wellington style”
    • Roasted breast of Challandais duck with orange duck juice sauce, gastrique style
  • Assorted fine cheese from France
  • Crepe Suzette, artistically flambéed with orange
  • Coffee and Confectionery

April 1-30

Menu Prix-Fixe (Lunch)

Available: 11:30-14:30
Price: ¥5,000

  • Please choose two items from among the following items:
    • Boiled white asparagus with poached egg, ravigote sauce
    • Tartar smoked salmon and ricotta cheese, mimosa éclair style with salad
    • Traditional consommé
    • White asparagus soup
    • Sautéed Isaki with zucchini, cingalaise sauce coconut flavor
    • Fresh fish of the day, chef style
    • Grilled fillet of beef flavored, cremed wine sauce with black pepper
    • Ballottine leg of Daisen chiken with mousse of potato, chiken juice sauce
  • Chef pâtissier's special dessert
  • Coffee and Confectionery

Menu Dégustation (Lunch)

Available: 11:30-14:30
Price: ¥8,000

  • Small appetizer
  • Hors d'œuvre of the day
  • White asparagus soup
  • Sautéed sole with fondant cheese white wine sauce with green mustard flavor
  • Grilled fillet of beef confit with caper sauce
  • Seasonal pastry from the wagon
  • Coffee and Confectionery

Menu de Suggestion (Dinner)

Available: 18:00-21:30
Price: ¥22,000

  • Sautéed white asparagus with fondant cheese and small salada “Sakura-Ebi ” sauce and hollandaise sauce
  • Consommé with oxtail
  • Poêlé Sakuradai with seasonal salada, gargouillau
  • Grilled sirloin of YAMAGATA beef, shallot butter with spicy mustard, aroma flavored
  • Harmony of strawberries and cherry blossoms, color of spring
  • Coffee and Confectionery
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Absolute Confidence

These dishes and drinks selected by asking our expert chefs,
“What specialties reflect absolute confidence in your life's work?”
We offer you their choices — menu classics and original new creations —
to mark over 50 years since our founding. Superior taste is
the quintessence of our hotel, and we always strive to make you say,
“This is why I chose the Hotel Okura.”

Fillet of Japanese Beef in a Pie Crust, “Wellington style”

Lemon pai

What typifies classic French cuisine? It makes the most of ingredient flavors — in this case, beef, puff pastry, duxelles de champignons, and truffles — while it complements yet never overwhelms with sauces. And, it strikes a balance between flavors, so they harmonize together. But rather than explain further, we suggest you experience this “dish chosen with absolute confidence” and discover its incomparable taste for yourself.


La Belle Epoque (French Cuisine)
Hotel Okura Tokyo 12F, South Wing

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