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A vivid display of artistry and skill typifies our teppanyaki restaurant. Here we use only the finest beef, vegetables, seafood, and shellfish.

  As of March, 2015 July・August, 2015 From September, 2015
Location 11F, Main Building 3F, South Wing
Telephone +81-3-3505-6071
Hours of operation <Lunch> 11:30 a.m.~2:30 p.m.
<Dinner> 5:30 p.m.~9:30 p.m.
Menu Lunch Course Menu ¥6,000~, Dinner Course Menu ¥13,000~
<A la Carte>
Japanese Beef Fillet (150g) ¥10,500, “Kobe” Beef Fillet (100g) ¥12,500, Abalone ¥14,040
・Grilled Chicken Leg with Seasonal Hot Vegetables.
・Sirloin steak with Seasonal Hot Vegetables.
・Tenderloin steak with Seasonal Hot Vegetables.
・Grilled lamb chops with Seasonal Hot Vegetables.
Private Dining Room Charge Parties of 4 to 8 ¥12,960, Parties of 9 to 11 ¥19,440  

※ When not otherwise specified, please note that a 10% service charge will apply to all prices displayed.

Monthly Menu

August 1-31

Final Special Menu of Main Building

Available 11:30-14:30/17:30-21:30
Price: ¥30,000

  • Appetizer
  • Sazanka Salad
  • Crabmeat
  • Abalone
  • Premium Branded Beef Fillet (150g)
    Premium Branded Beef Sirloin (180g)
  • Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
  • Garlic Rice
  • Soybean Soup
  • Japanese Pickles
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
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Absolute Confidence

These dishes and drinks selected by asking our expert chefs,
“What specialties reflect absolute confidence in your life's work?”
We offer you their choices — menu classics and original new creations —
to mark over 50 years since our founding. Superior taste is
the quintessence of our hotel, and we always strive to make you say,
“This is why I chose the Hotel Okura.”

Excellent Sliced Rib of Japanese Beef in Tare Sauce

Lemon pai

Cooking teppanyaki-style before guests naturally offers many opportunities for conversation. This rib roast was inspired by one of these exchanges. Combining crisp green shiso leaf, lightly browned garlic, and finely cut ribs, it has a sophisticated taste that sets it apart from merely filling steak selections. This “dish chosen with absolute confidence” reflects our constant desire to satisfy the high expectations of our guests.


Sazanka (Teppanyaki)
Hotel Okura Tokyo 11F, Main Building

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