Toh-Ka-Lin Nihonbashi Muromachi Hinkan

Chinese Cuisine 
Toh-Ka-Lin Nihonbashi Muromachi Hinkan:


Special Chilled Noodles

Duration June 1~ August 31, 2018
Chilled Chinese Noodles with Shrimp, Shredded Barbecued Pork and Chicken  ¥2,160
Chilled Noodles in Spicy Sesame Soup ¥2,160
Chilled Chinese Noodles with Shredded Chicken and Sesame Sauce ¥2,160
Chilled Chinese Noodles with Seafood ¥2,700

Bowl of Rice Lunch Menu"Muromachi Toh-ka-lin Special"   ¥2,600

  • Includes " Steamed Soup, Spring Roll, Dim Sum, Chinese Pickles and Almond Jelly"
    • Please choose 1 Iteam from the following.
    • Bowl of Rice with Mixed Food
    • Bowl of Rice with Shrimp and Vegetables
    • Bowl of Rice with SeaFood
    • Bowl of Rice with Shrimp in Chili Sauce
    • Bowl of Rice with Crabmeat Omelet
    • Bowl of Rice with Beef Cheek
    • Bowl of Rice with Beef and Green Pepper
    • Bowl of Rice with Eggplant
    • Bowl of Rice with Tofu and Minced Beef in Chili Sauce

Spicy Sesame Noodles Soup

  • Spicy Seame Noodles Soup  ¥1,620
  • Set Menu included Iteams (3 kinds Dim Sum, Almond Jelly)   ¥2,600

Weekly Lunch Set Menu   ¥2,600 (Per Person)

  • ※All served with Steamed Soup, Spring Roll, Steamed Dumplings, Steamed Rice, Chinese Pickles and Almond Jelly
    • Please choose 1 Iteam from the following.
    • Braised Eggplant in Soy Sauce
    • Sautéed Pork, Seafood and Vegetables
    • Braised Shrimp in Chili Sauce
    • Sautéed Beef and Green Pepper
    • ※Above menus are examples.

Dim Sum Course   ¥3,680 (Per Person)

  • Today's Grilled Appetizer and Jelly Fish
  • Today's Steamed Dim Sum
  • "Show-Long-Pow" Dumplings with Soup Contained
  • Deep-fried Dumplings with Crabmeat and Minced Shrimp
  • Pan-Fried Pork and Leek Dumpling
  • Chinese White Radish Cake
  • Sautéed Green Vegetables with Salt
  • Rice Dumpling Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves
  • Won Ton Soup
  • Almond Jelly and Lychees
  • Chinese Pastry

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Chinese Cuisine
Toh-Ka-Lin Nihonbashi Muromachi Hinkan 
Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building 3F 2-4-3 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022