Room Service

Midnight Menu

A La Carte

Hours of operation 0:00 midnight~5:30
Caviar with Melba Toast and Condiments ¥8,500
Assorted French Cheese with Baguette ¥2,700
Minestrone Soup ¥1,630
Spaghetti Bolognese with Salad ¥3,240
Beef Curry and Rice with Salad ¥3,400
Mixed Sandwich (Roast Beef, Ham, Tomato & Lettuce) ¥2,700
Okura Clubhouse Sandwich ¥2,950
"Udon" Noodles Soup with Curry Sauce ¥2,100
"Onigiri" (Rice wrapped in Laver) ¥2,380
Apple Pie with Whipped Cream ¥980
Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate or Green Tea) ¥870
Sherbet ¥870
Fresh Orange Juice (10oz.) ¥1,300
Fresh Grapefruit Juice (10oz.) ¥1,300
Coffee ¥1,200
Tea ¥1,200
Room Service