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Iki Shochu

Iki Shochu

Iki shochu is a type of barley shochu, produced in the small island of Iki in Nagasaki Prefecture. Like Champagne, Burgundy, or Cognac, Iki is the denomination of origin with international status.

Its producing method is unique in three ways—the ingredients, malted rice and barley, are mixed at one to two ratio, only water from Iki Island is used, and the whole process from distilling to bottling is done within the island.

At Japanese Cuisine Yamazato, we offer Iki shochu “Iki Super Gold” that has an elegant aroma and rich flavor. The honey-colored shochu, featuring mellow, sturdy and yet gentle taste, is stored for two years in white oat barrels that has been used for making sherry in Spain. In addition to Iki shochu, “Kanehachi” of Oita Prefecture featuring roasted barley aroma and sweet taste is recommended. Both go well with seafood such as masu trout teriyaki, salt-steamed abalone, and deep-simmered herring.

“Iki Super Gold” (Iki Shochu)
 Glass (60ml) ¥1,188

Japanese Cuisine Yamazato
Sommelier, Masao Okada


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