Sake for the Japanese


For the Japanese, sake is not merely an alcoholic beverage; it plays a significant role in the context of tradition and culture.
Made from rice, the staple food for the Japanese, sake has been considered particularly sacred from the ancient times.
In ceremonies, sake is sprinkled toward heaven and earth, poured over the body, and drunk for purification, to welcome gods and drive away evil spirits. Even to this day, sake is essential for traditional events such as the New Year, the Doll’s Festival, and wedding ceremonies.

In 2013, Japanese food was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and sake is essential for Japanese food to bring out the best from the delicate tastes of the ingredients.

At Japanese Cuisine Yamazato, you can select from many kinds of sake. The sommelier will be happy to help you select a sake that goes with the seasonal menus.

Japanese Cuisine Yamazato
Sommelier, Masao Okada