Sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures according to the season.Warmed sake tastes wonderful from autumn to winter. There are several ways to enjoy warm sake.

Dried blowfish fin is grilled, then warm sake (about 80℃/176°F) is poured over it. This is called fugu hire-sake. Put a lid on and let it steam for a while to bring out more aroma. Various types of fish such as tilefish, sea bream, ray, and blowfish are used for hire-sake, but the tiger puffer fin (especially the white anal fin) is said to be the best.

At Japanese Cuisine Yamazato, we serve the three kinds of fugu hire-sake; “Kiku-Masamune” (Hyogo), “Kuzuryu” (Fukui) and the exclusive stored sake with fugu hire soaked overnight. The poured sake is set aflame, which deepens both the aroma and the taste. Experience the special performance of rising blue flames at Yamazato.

Japanese Cuisine Yamazato
Sommelier, Masao Okada