For the Cherry Blossom Season


When you want to rejoice, wipe away sorrow, refresh yourself, or simply have a good time, who would you drink with, in what kind of setting? Sake has always been a part of people’s lives throughout the seasons, nurtured by tradition and culture.

In spring, many people enjoy “Hanami” or cherry blossom viewing in Japan. The custom has been loved by the Japanese from ancient times, and is frequently mentioned in the country’s oldest poetry anthology “Manyoshu” from the 7th to 8th century. Hanami became widespread among the common people in the Edo period. People drink sake together, and embrace the arrival of spring.

At Japanese Cuisine Yamazato, we are offering the “Oze no Yukidoke Momoiro Nigori” which is the perfect sake for the spring season. Ryujin Shuzo in Gunma Prefecture has been making this sake for 600 years, using the Oze snowmelt drawn from the Ryujin Well. This “Momoiro Nigori” version is a cloudy sake with a beautiful pink color, made with special yeast that produces the red tint. With strawberry-like sour-sweet taste, it can be recommended even for those who are not used to drinking sake.

Limited-edition sake
“Oze no Yukidoke, Junmai Daiginjo,
Momoiro Nigori”
Decanter (180ml) ¥1,620 
Glass (120ml) ¥1,080

Japanese Cuisine Yamazato
Sommelier, Masao Okada