Enjoy Sake from a Wine Glass


In recent years in Japan, pairing western food with sake has become popular, and wine glasses that add an elegant touch are being used to serve sake. Japanese traditional vessel for serving sake, such as ochoko is ideal for socializing drinks. However, wine glasses are more suited for enjoying the delicate colors and aroma of sake.

At Japanese Cuisine Yamazato, you can enjoy “Tateyama Unfiltered Daiginjo Aiyama IWC GOLD” served in a wine glass. This sake won the 2016 International Wine Challenge (IWC) gold medal, a highly competitive honor awarded to only 5% of the participants. IWC is one of the largest wine contests in the world held in London, and the Sake section was newly established in 2007. The premium rice Aiyama and the special brewing method called ginjo create the mellow, gorgeous aroma. Drinking from a wine glass lets this rich fragrance stand out. We recommend enjoying this sake with yakitori or sukiyaki.

“Tateyama Unfiltered Daiginjo Aiyama IWC GOLD”
Wine glass (120ml) ¥4,320

Japanese Cuisine Yamazato
Sommelier, Masao Okada