Chinese Cuisine 

Toh-Ka-Lin has been offering Chinese cuisine since Hotel Okura opened in 1962. As the first hotel to adopt Cantonese food, we set out to create Chinese dishes that delight the Japanese palate, and we have since become the foremost Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. In addition to our à la carte menu, which features over 200 items, we also provide original menus to meet the wishes of our guests. Our new premises on the 12th floor of the South Wing feature large, sunny windows. We have recently introduced yum-cha time and offer a variety of dim-sums prepared by Chinese dumpling masters, just like we used to at Chinese Table Starlight in the old Main Building.



Location 12F
TEL +81-3-3505-6068
Hours of operation Lunch 11:30~14:30
Dim Sum 13:30~15:30
Dinner 17:30~21:30
the number of seats
92 seats
Private Dining 2 rooms
  • ※ When not otherwise specified, please note that a 10% service charge will apply to all prices displayed.

Chef’s Recommendations

Duration November 1 ~ December 30, 2017

Fried Oysters Served with Mayonnaise XO Sauce ¥ 5,400
Pan-Fried Fresh Oysters with Black Bean Paste ¥ 5,400
Blue Crab with Shao Sing Chiew Rice Wine ¥ 6,300
Sautéed Blue Crab and Egg ¥ 7,560
Braised Blue Crab and Oysters with Bean-Starch Vermicelli in an Earthen Pot ¥ 9,180

One Harmony Member-Exclusive “55th Anniversary Menu”

Duration November 1 ~ December 30, 2017
Hours of operation 11:30~14:30 / 17:30~21:30
Menu Specially-Assorted Cold Appetizer (Served individually)
Shark Fin and Crab Roe Soup
Roast Duck Skin, Peking Style
Sautéed Abalone and Prawns
Steamed Fish with Ginger and Green Onion Sauce
Fried Rice with Japanese Beef
Almond Jelly with Fresh Fruits
Fried Sweet Sesame Dumpling
Special Price for Members ¥ 15,000 per person
  • ※A 10% service charge will be added to the prices.
Chinese Cuisine
Hotel Okura Tokyo 12F