Social Media Policy

Terms of Use for the Official Social Media Accounts of Hotel Okura Tokyo

Hotel Okura Tokyo (hereafter the “Company”) has permanently or temporarily created official social media accounts, to which the following terms of use apply.
These terms of use apply to all users (hereafter the “Users”) of the Company’s official accounts and associated services.


  1. The Company exercises care when disseminating information because it is aware that information disseminated via social media will reach an unspecified large number of people and cannot be completely erased once published.
  2. The content distributed via the Company’s accounts will be of a general nature. Official corporate information etc. will be published in the form of news releases.
  3. The company uses social media accounts in order to communicate with and position customers, to share information and to increase business.
  4. As a general rule, the Company does not reply to submissions from Users, but if the Company deems it necessary, it may reply on the official account or reply to the User in person.
  5. For inquiries regarding the Company’s official accounts, please contact the SNS administrator at Please note that it may take two to three business days to answer an inquiry.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  1. Infringing on intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark rights, rights to usage of one’s likeness and privacy rights is not tolerated.
  2. If content or articles by third parties are quoted, the source needs to be provided and the quotation clearly marked.


The Company will block or delete a User’s account without prior notice if he or she engages in any of the following conduct:

  1. Violating laws, ordinances or public order and morals
  2. Slandering or compromising the credibility of the Company, other Users or third parties
  3. Impersonating others or spreading falsehoods
  4. Posting content linking to external sites unrelated to this site
  5. Any activity unrelated to the purpose of this site
  6. Any activity considered improper by the SNS management companies that run Instagram etc.
  7. Political activities, election campaigning, religious activities
  8. Breaching privacy by publishing personal information
  9. Trying to use the information provided on this site for commercial purposes
  10. Other acts that are deemed inappropriate by the company.

Intellectual Property

The Company exercises no personal rights in regards to the following content:

  • Images posted on the offical website and on official accounts
  • All information Users submit to the company by e-mail, etc.
  • Content and information received for free from Users
  • Information and content provided by the Company


  1. The Company is not liable whatsoever for the correctness or completeness of the information it provides.
  2. The Company is not liable whatsoever for any damage Users may suffer as a result of using this site or being unable to use this site.
  3. The Company is not liable whatsoever for content (comments, images, videos) submitted by Users.
  4. The Company is not liable whatsoever for any trouble or disputes between Users or Users and third parties.
  5. Copyright and other related rights are held by the User who made the submission. However, by making the submission, the User consents to sharing the submitted content with the whole world without compensation and non-exclusive rights (including reworks, excerpts, reproductions, publication, translation), and furthermore consents to not exercising the copyright or related rights against the Company.
  6. This page runs on the same system as Instagram and other SNS platforms, so the Company cannot answer any questions in regards to use, the state of the system or technical questions.
  7. The company may change these terms of use without prior notice.

Last Updated: September 2016