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[2012.1.10~3.30] ※Monday to Friday only
This is a special plan that combines lunch at Terrace Restaurant, Dining Café Camellia or Chinese Table Starlight with spa treatments by YAMANO at the Total Care Zone of our spa facilities Spa Nature Court. Why don’t you aim to smoothen your skin thanks to lunch using ingredients that amply contain vitamins and collagen and vitamin C-based spa treatments and body scrubbing using Germany’s BIOMARIS products?

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Plan Guide

When you pick the restaurant you prefer, please make a reservation at the Spa Nature Court. You can have a meal either before or after your spa treatment to meet your preferences; please tell us which you prefer when making a reservation.

¥10,500 (per person)
※The charges include lunch, usage and spa treatment fees of the Spa Nature Court and a service fee.
※This plan is available at the Total Care Zone of the Spa Nature Court from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
※Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Under certain circumstances, spa treatment time may be shortened in the event that the customer arrives late for their scheduled appointment.
※Please select a following restaurant:Terrace Restaurant, Dining Cafe Camellia or Chinese Table Starlight.

Lunch Menu

【Terrace Restaurant】

  • Boiled Slice Fillet of Beef with Negi Ponzu
  • Bread or Rice
  • Combination Salad
  • Strawberry Gratin with Sherbet
  • Fresh Herb Tea or Coffee

【Dining Cafe Camellia】

  • Grilled Swordfish and Soft-shell Shrimp with a Pistou Sauce
  • Salad Bar
  • Bread or Rice
  • Cheesecake Souffle Accompanied by a Gelatin Dessert Containing Fruit and Hyaluronan Acid
  • Coffee or Tea or Herb Tea

【Chinese Table Starlight】

  • Starlight Special Chinese-style Salad
  • Thick starchy soup with dried muscle of shellfish, nameko mushrooms and tofu
  • Fried squid and celery with yuzu pepper
  • Braised pork with fermented bean sauce
  • Slow-cooked rice porridge
  • Today's Dessert


Please choose one from the following two treatments:

<Facial Care> 40 minutes
With our special mud,rough patches of skin are exfoliated.
Then, your skin is treated with aromatic oils, giving your skin a radiance one shade lighter than usual.

Cleansing→Facial Cleansing→remove dead skin cells→Treatment→Completion
* Pack is not included. Includes decollete.

<Body Care> 40 minutes
Body treatment using German skin care oil. While caring for the skin, the treatment also relieves body fatigue.

Aromatic Thalasso Cream is used to treat all areas of the back.
Additionally, you will feel refreshed as fatigue is removed through decollete care treatment.

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