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Nature Program Zone

■What is the Nature Program Zone?

In the Nature Program Zone an array of programs are available, such as the “O2 & Meditation” where you can relax both mentally and physically thanks to an oxygen concentrator; the “Jet Lag Release” that stabilizes and boosts your mental state thanks to special light close in nature to sunlight; and the “Mist Sauna” that soothes your heart by bathing you in low-temperature, gentle mist. On top of these, reflexology to relieve your fatigue; head spa treatments effective to allay your head fatigue; or bath therapy programs to meet your preferences are also available. Yon can freely combine these programs as you like.

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Basic menu

"Relieve fatigue and refresh your body" REFRESHMENT BAR

Select from a healthy variety of seasonal vegetable- and fruit-based beverages.

"A cozy space where relaxation comes naturally" RELAXATION LOUNGE

Wide-screen TVs broadcast mainly sporting events with surround sound.

"Pleasant aromas and oxygen soothe your senses" MEDITATION SPACE & OXYGEN BAR (20 min.)

Ease blood circulation and allow your body to return to a more natural state.

"Rejuvenate your body" JET LAG FACILITIES (20 min.)

Reset your body clock back to normal with bright-light therapy.

"Treat your body with gentle low heat" MIST SAUNA (20 min.)

Recline in a low-temperature mist sauna as perspiration expels toxins from your body.



Reflexology (20 min.)
Stimulation of pressure points on the soles and calves relaxes the entire body. This is followed by application of aromatic oils to further soothe tired nerves.

■Hand Massage (20 min.)
After relieving tension from the elbow to the fingertips, paraffin conditioner is applied, leaving hands replenished and moist.

Shoulder Rub (20 min.)
Based on a counseling session, the perfect aromatic oil is applied to the shoulders, easing fatiigue and enhancing the total relaxation experience.

Bath Therapy (20 minutes)



■Shoulder Rub (20 min.)
Based on a counseling session,the perfect aromatic oil is applied to the shoulders, easing fatigue and enhancing the total relaxtion experience.

Bath Therapy (20 minutes)
Marine Algae Bath: The blend of bubble bath, seaweed, and herbs improve the bodt's circulatory function.



■Scalp Treatment & Massage (20 min.)
Your experience begins with a scalp treatment followed by a relaxing head massage to loosen tight muscles.

■EX Facial Treatment (20 min.)
Enjoy a total beauty experience with a facial treatment designed to relieve fatigue.

Bath Therapy (20 minutes)
Body & Bath Oil: Treat your skin while bathing with the mineral-rich bath oil.



Stone Therapy (20 minutes)
Experience the uniquely soothing relief of warm stones pressing gently against your back as you lay comfortably.

■Bath Therapy (20 min.)
Salt Milk Bath: Helps relax your body and softens the skin with moisturizing and toning effects.

■Germanium Bath (20 min.)
Placing your hands and feet inside this bath for 20 minutes burns 600 kilocalories, and expels wastes, toxins, and fat from the body.


  Nature Program Zone
Basic Menu Optional Menu
Guests staying in a Grand Comfort Room Available as many times as you want during your stay One item on the menu per night
Guests staying on other floors ¥12,960
(With 1 item on the optional menu)
1 item on the menu: ¥4,320
Visiting guests ¥19,440
(With 2 items on the optional menu)
1 item on the menu: ¥4,320

※Spa services for guests upgraded to Grand Comfort Rooms or those staying on special package plans will require the same fee as for guests staying on other floors.

Business Hour

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 10:00a.m ~ 7:00p.m(Last check-in at 6:00p.m)
Saturday,Sunday & Holiday 8:00a.m ~ 7:00p.m(Last check-in at 6:00p.m)

(Reservations are required)

For more information and reservations TEL. +81-3-3224-6723

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