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Total Care Zone

■What is the Total Care Zone?

In the Total Care Zone well-thought-out treatments using BIOMARIS products are offered, whose main ingredient is northern Europe’s marine water rich in minerals. Through a wide variety of 30-minute to 90-minute programs on the menu, you can experience even more luxurious facial and body treatments.


Please see the menus for further details.

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Business Hour

Operating Hours: 8:00 a.m.~9:30 p.m.(Reservations are required)

Original Treatments

■Original Facial (60 min. ¥19,980/ 90 min. ¥24,300)
Three clay masks for your skin type improve the skin texture, bringing suppleness to your face.


The German skin care products are made with mineral-rich sea water off the coast of Iceland.Featuring similar components to the human bllood, the sea water gently works to create a healthy skin.

■BIOMARIS Facial (60 min. ¥19,980)
For dry and dehydrated skin Sea water minerals and seaweed extracts help balance your skin.

■Mature Repair Care (90 min. ¥24,300)
For moisture and resilience. An innovative aging care for mature skin proving moisture and resilience.

Aroma Treatment

The treatment works on your mind and body using essential oils developed by Ula-Maija Grace, a renowned aromatherapist in Finland. Following clensing,washing, and an activating facial mask, organic oil is applied for facial and decollete care.

■Aroma Facial (60 min. ¥19,980/ 90 min. ¥24,300)
Choose one oil from rose, jasmine, neroli etc.

Selection Treatment

Janssen Cosmeceutial skin care adopts the state-of-the-art scientific cosmetics and treatment, combining botanical, marine, and biotechnology-based effective components. It improves your skin profile through anti-aging and increased metabolism.

■Total Aging Care (90 min. ¥25,380)
Treats fine wrinkles,slack,lack of suppleness, and dullness Caviar facial with BIOMARIS spa cosmetics.

■Brightening Care (90 min. ¥25,380)
Treats dullness,spots and UV damage
The treatment uses Janssen whitening products.Various botanical extracts permeates into the stratum corneum to whiten your skin.

■Lifting Care (90 min. ¥25,380)
Treats skin slackness such as smile lines, facial contour and wrinkled forehead The treatment uses Janssen Regeneration products. After removing death cells and cleansing pores, a skillful lifting will be applied using ingredients for inducing skin turnover.



Original Treatments

■Original Body Care (60 min. ¥18,900/ 90 min. ¥23,220)
・Relieves tension and fatigue
Improves your body condition by easing fatigue with the original Beauty Push method. The finishing touch with toner and powder provides beautiful skin.


The Trinity Beauty Essence of BIOMARIS, derived from marine bio-technology,regenerates your mind and body, bringing out your inner beauty.

■Trinity Care (90 min. ¥23,220)
Balances your mind and body and improves body conditions Based on the concept of yin and yang, two types of oil-calming and energizing-are used with Infinity Treatment to balance the opposite features within the body.

■BIOMARIS Head Spa (30 min. ¥10,260)
Cleanses the scalp and keeps your hair healthy
A head massage using mineral sea salt. The detoxing salt cleanses the pores, and the scalp care brings glow to your hair. It also improves blood circulation, with a new type of relaxing effect to sooth your mind and body.

Aroma Treatment

The method is based on a cellular level research of aroma oil, developed to balance the body while considering breathing. Finnish organic oil suited to the body condition is applied for the whole body treatment using hands.

■Aroma Body (60 min. ¥18,900 90 min. ¥23,220)
Choose one oil from Energy, Stress, Relax etc.

Selection Treatment

■Aroma Lomi (60 min. ¥18,900 90 min. ¥23,220)
Treatment with dynamic movements for those lacking exercise A traditional Hawaiian method which mainly uses the wrist to the elbow part of the arm, with powerful stretching effect.

■Stone Treatment (90 min. ¥23,220)
Treats cold limbs due to poor circulation
The warmth and weight of the smooth natural stones relive the tension from your muscles.

■Reflexology (40 min. ¥9,720)
Treats fatigue and swelling of the legs
An insulating foot bath from knees down is followed by an application of leg aroma oil to ease muscle fatigue and rejuvenate joints. Also moisturizes your soles.

■Body Scrub (40 min. ¥11,880)
Treats rough skin on knees and heels
Loosens dead skin cells on the upper layer. making the skin smooth.

■Clay Wrap Care (50 min. ¥16,470)
Smoothens the skin by gently removing dead skin cells on the surface
Acidic white clay is applied all over the body and heated to remove dead skin cells and whiten the skin.


Original Treatments

We will create a customized menu according to your preference and skin and body conditions.
■Customized Menu (60 min. ¥22,140/ 90 min. ¥27,810/ 120 min. ¥32,940/ 180 min. ¥45,900)

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