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The History

Hotel Okura Tokyo under construction, January 12, 1961, one year and four months before opening.

Chairman Kishichiro Okura and President Iwajiro Noda observing progress in 1961. Mr. Okura passed away at the age of 80, eight months after the opening of the hotel.

The Okura, completed after 1.5 years of construction period, consists of east, south and north wings, the first hotel of this style in Japan.

Bird-eye view of Hotel Okura Tokyo soon after its opening.

Traditional blessing through Shinto-style opening ceremony, May 20, 1962

Visiting Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos welcoming the Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako at his return banquet held at the Okura, October 13, 1962, five months after the hotel’s opening.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) General Meeting at the Heian Room, September 7 - 11, 1964, with approximately 2,500 representatives and the press from 103 countries attending.

President Noda greets at the opening of the Outdoor Swimming Pool completed after two months of the hotel’s opening.

The 5th Anniversary Reception, May 19, 1967. Seen here are the earth-shaped object with the Okura’s advertising copy, “The Pride of the Orient” and the sugar-made cake replica of the Okura.

Construction of the new South Wing, viewed from the Main Building.

Full view of the newly completed South Wing.

Full view of Hotel Okura Tokyo after the completion of the South Wing.

Shinto-style opening ceremony of the South Wing, November 26, 1973

Prince and Princess Takamatsu with President Noda at the tape-cutting ceremony of the South Wing.

Special attractions at the opening ceremony of the South Wing were kusudama opening and balloon- release by the marching band.

Princess Chichibu, Prince and Princess Takamatsu and Prince and Princess Mikasa
at the Bar Highlander during the hotel tour after the opening reception of the South Wing.

South Wing Opening Reception held at the Akebono Room.

At the 10th Anniversary Reception of the Okura, Mr. Noda officially announced his promotion to the post of Chairman. Mr. Aoki, former Vice President, became President.

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