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The History

Treasured Works of Art - Charity Art Collection This exhibition has been held every summer since 1994. The Okura has displayed about 1,100 masterpieces and attracted some 440,000 visitors, bringing in ¥160 million in donations.

Offered here are precious works of art which are on loan from private collections of various corporations and are rarely available for viewing by the general public.
Conductor Naoto Otomo (left) and Composer Akira Senju at a lecture meeting held as one of the concurrent events.

World Gardening Fair
Presented by wives of ambassadors from ten countries stationed in Japan, beautiful gardens around the world are seen in the largest banquet room at the Okura.

World Gardening Fair has been held every year during the “Golden Week” since 2000 for nurturing a spirit of mutual respect and understanding for each other's history, tradition and culture.
It has attracted a total of 210,000 visitors.

Finest Collections of Prestigious Japanese Families Based on the concepts of hospitality and design, the Okura presents these collections of art that transcend generations from these families.
This annual event started in 2010.

Lobby Concert 25
This acoustic concert has been held on the 25th of each month since 1987 in the Main Lobby to support the activities of next-generation musicians.
Last November marked the 300th anniversary performance.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Performance A chorus consisting of music buffs and hotel staff participates in this event held once every four years since 1987 at Suntory Hall after six months of rehearsal.
The 6th concert is planned for this year.

Hotel Okura Music Awards
These annual awards, started in 1996, are given to two new musicians who have made outstanding achievements and have a promising future.
The recipients for 2010 are
violinist Rina Matsuda (left) and
pianist Miyushi Kaneko.

The Hotel Okura Tokyo makes full use of public dimension of the hotel business in its activities in support of art and culture, and continues to make an important contribution to the general public.
(Last year the hotel made donations to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.)

Baron Kihachiro Okura, who made various achievements in educational and charitable works, founded the museum in 1917 for the purpose of preserving cultural properties and advancing Japanese culture.
The collection consists of 2,500 works of art in the Orient including Japan and about 1,000 volumes of books.

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