The History

Opening vol.1

  • Hotel Okura Tokyo under construction, January 12, 1961, one year and four months before opening.

  • Chairman Kishichiro Okura and President Iwajiro Noda observing progress in 1961. Mr. Okura passed away at the age of 80, eight months after the opening of the hotel.

  • The Okura, completed after one and a half years construction period, consists of east, south and north wings, the first hotel of this style in Japan.

  • Bird-eye view of Hotel Okura Tokyo soon after its opening.

  • Traditional blessing through Shinto-style opening ceremony, May 20, 1962

  • Visiting Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos welcoming the Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako at his return banquet held at the Okura, October 13, 1962, five months after the hotel’s opening.

  • President Noda greets at the opening of the Outdoor Swimming Pool completed two months after the hotel’s opening.

  • The 5th Anniversary Reception, May 19, 1967. Seen here are the earth-shaped object with the Okura’s advertising copy, “The Pride of the Orient” and the sugar-made cake replica of the Okura.

  • At the 10th Anniversary Reception of the Okura, Mr. Noda officially announced his promotion to the post of Chairman. Mr. Aoki, former Vice President, became President.

  • The Front Desk at the time of opening. Lighting was slightly dimmed to give a relaxed atmosphere.

  • A guest room soon after the opening.
    The bedside dial phone and the classic TV set with a channel selector switch take us back to the good old days.

  • The Terrace Restaurant in 1970, which was born by the idea of a guest wishing to relax in the Japanese garden by the swimming pool.

  • The nostalgic Emerald Room, a grillroom, where guests were seen dancing to live music.

  • The nostalgic Continental Room, where more than 90 varieties of European dishes were served.

  • The Japanese restaurant Yamazato around 1973.
    At that time the tempura bar was located within the restaurant.

  • The Starlight Lounge, presently the Chinese Table Starlight, around 1971.
    A panoramic view of Tokyo and live nightly jazz music were enjoyed.

  • The nostalgic Oak Room, a men's bar, around 1970.

  • The outdoor Swimming Pool in summer around 1967.
    The lady wears a flower-painted swimming cap which was the latest fashion at the time.