The History

Opening vol.2

  • Construction of the South Wing, viewed from the Main Building.

  • Full view of the newly completed South Wing.

  • Full view of Hotel Okura Tokyo after the completion of the South Wing.

  • Shinto-style opening ceremony of the South Wing, November 26, 1973

  • Prince and Princess Takamatsu with President Noda at the tape-cutting ceremony of the South Wing.

  • Special attractions at the opening ceremony of the South Wing were kusudama opening and balloon- release by the marching band.

  • Princess Chichibu, Prince and Princess Takamatsu and Prince and Princess Mikasa at the Bar Highlander during the hotel tour after the opening reception of the South Wing.

  • Opening Reception of the South Wing held at the Akebono Room.

  • The Imperial Suite surrounded by rooftop gardens.
    VIPs around the world stayed in this suite away from hustle and bustle of the city.

  • A twin-bedded room in the newly-completed South Wing with the Japanese color scheme to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

  • The Camellia Corner coffee shop (now called Dining Cafe Camellia) in the South Wing with an informal, sunny atmosphere.

  • La Belle Epoque at the time of opening, where traditional and nouvelle French cuisine was served in the elegant Art Nouveau interior decor.

  • The 20-meter Indoor Swimming Pool in the newly-completed South Wing.
    The heated year-around pool had five courses with natural light streaming in through the skylight window.

  • The gym in the Health Club around 1974, equipped with such most up-to-date machines as treadmills and weight-training devices.

  • The old Pool-Side Restaurant located by the Indoor Swimming Pool.
    The visitors could enjoy light meals and beverages in their swimming attires.

  • The old Kasuga Room, South Wing 2nd floor, was highlighted by the golden tile wall, a modern-style arrangement of Uroko-mon (Fish Scale Pattern) of Noh costume.

  • The Central Control Room at the time of opening of the South Wing with remote and integrated power control system as well as escalator and elevator monitors.