The History

Opening vol.2

  • The Front Desk at the time of opening. Lighting was slightly dimmed to give a relaxed atmosphere.

  • A guest room soon after the opening.
    The bedside dial phone and the classic TV set with a channel selector switch take us back to the good old days.

  • The Terrace Restaurant in 1970, which was born by the idea of a guest wishing to relax in the Japanese garden by the swimming pool.

  • The nostalgic Emerald Room, a grillroom, where guests are seen dancing to live music.

  • The nostalgic Continental Room, where more than 90 varieties of European dishes were served.

  • The Japanese restaurant Yamazato around 1973.
    At that time the tempura bar was located within the restaurant.

  • The Starlight Lounge, presently the Chinese Table Starlight, around 1971.
    A panoramic view of Tokyo and live nightly jazz music were enjoyed.

  • The nostalgic Oak Room, a men's bar, around 1970.

  • The outdoor Swimming Pool in summer around 1967.
    The lady wears a flower-painted swimming cap which was the latest fashion at the time.

  • The Telephone Exchange Room at the time of opening.
    During peak hours a total of 150calls were handled by an operator per hour.

  • The Imperial Suite surrounded by rooftop gardens.
    VIP's around the world stayed in this suite away from hustle and bustle of the city.

  • A twin-bedded room in the newly-completed South Wing with the Japanese color scheme to create a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

  • The Camellia Corner coffee shop (now called Dining Cafe Camellia) in the South Wing with an informal, sunny atmosphere.

  • La Belle Epoque at the time opening, where traditional and nouvelle French cuisine was served in the elegant Art Nouveau interior decor.

  • The 20-meter Indoor Swimming Pool in the newly-completed South Wing.
    The heated year-around pool had five courses with natural light streaming in through the skylight window.

  • The gym in the Health Club around 1974, equipped with such most up-to-date machines as treadmills and weight-training devices.

  • The old Pool-Side Restaurant located by the Indoor Swimming Pool.
    The visitors could enjoy light meals and beverages in their swimming attires.

  • The old Kasuga Room, South Wing 2nd floor, was highlighted by the golden tile wall, a modern-style arrangement of Uroko-mon (Fish Scale Pattern) of Noh costume.

  • The Central Control Room at the time of opening the South Wing with remote and integrated power control system as well as escalator system as well as escalator and elevator monitors.

  • The group photo of the Okura staff around 1975.
    Their uniforms, hair-style and make-up remind us of our good old days in the Showa Era.