The History

French Cuisine

  • Grand Chef Masakichi Ono (2nd from left) with Robert Cailleau (left), André Lecomte and Jean Prêt (2nd and 3rd from right)
    These French chefs were invited to supervise the kitchen soon after the opening of the hotel.

  • Masakichi Ono at the NHK TV studio. He often appeared on such programs as “Today's Cooking.”

  • Raymond Oliver, owner-chef of the three-star Le Grand Vefour in Paris, confirming a recipe with Masakichi Ono and his staff at the kitchen in 1973.

  • Masakichi Ono's hand-written menu.

  • Masakichi Ono assisting Paul Bocuse at the open cooking class held in Osaka's Tsuji Culinary Institute in 1974.

  • French Cooking Class for members of the Okura's “Ladies Circle”

  • The World Culinary Festival was held at the Okura as part of the 25th anniversary festivities in 1987.
    Six guest chefs from six hotels of The Leading Hotels of the World, which include the Okura, were invited to demonstrate their national cuisine at six of the Okura's restaurants.

  • Hotel Okura had an honor to prepare and serve at the dinner party to welcome King Carl XVI Gustaff of Sweden in the state guest house in 1980.

  • Photographed at La Belle Epoque kitchen are Joël Robuchon and Chef Jacques Borie (2nd and 3rd from right) with Grand Chef Masakichi Ono and Manager Toshihiko Tanaka, during Joël Robuchon French Food Festival in 1983.

  • Promotional leaflet of Joël Robuchon French Food Festival(1983)

  • Masakichi Ono (center) is the first Japanese chef bestowed Chevalier dans l'orde du merite Agricole by the French chefs participating in the French Gastronomic Week at the Okura in 1988.

  • Autographs of visiting French chefs who participated in the French Gastronomic Week in 1988.

  • “Rainbow Paradise” 1st prize, All Japan Winter Ice Sculpture Competition at Meiji Shrine, 1992
    “Truffling” 1st prize, World Ice Sculpture Competition, 1995

  • Hotel Okura was honored to provide food and beverage service at Shuri Castle during the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit in 2000.

  • Throughout the year of 2002, five Hotel Okura chefs jointly hosted a dinner party once a month.
    The special full course menu consists of French, Japanese and Chinese.

  • Christmas Cake object, 2007
    Tokyo Sky Tree wedding cake, 2011