The History

Chinese & Japanese Cuisine

  • Toh-Ka-Lin at the time of opening.
    This Chinese restaurant was so named by then Foreign Minister Zentaro Kosaka.
    His original calligraphy is used as the logo of the restaurant.

  • Grand Chefs of Chinese Cuisine - past and present
    Go Ki Bai, first Grand Chef(left)
    Liang Shu Neng, presently Honorary Grand Chef(center)
    Chen Long Cheng, presently Grand Chef(right)

  • Anniversary Events
    Hong Kong Food Festival to celebrate the Okura's 35th anniversary, with a guest chef from Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong (left)
    Chinese Imperial Banquet to celebrate the hotel's 40th anniversary (right)

  • Toh-Ka-Lin at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan

  • In 2000 the popular Starlight Lounge was completely renovated and renewed as Chinese Table Starlight serving nouvelle chinois dishes at informal setting. It was closed at August, 2015.

  • At the time of opening Teppanyaki was served at Yamazato.

  • Grand Chefs of Japanese Cuisine - past and present Kanichi Takahashi (Upper left)
    Hideharu Saito (Upper right)
    Norimitsu Hoshi (Lower left)
    Tadashi Sawauchi, presently Grand Chef (Lower right)

  • President Clinton and Prime Minister Miyazawa at Kyubay on the night before the US - Japan meeting during the 1993 Tokyo Summit.

  • The Okura staff prepared and served a full course Japanese dinner at the Economic Leader's Meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Yokohama.

  • Visitors from all over the world enjoyed Japanese dishes at Yamazato which specially opened within the Japan Pavilion during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.