The History

The Tradition and Future

  • The Main Building was closed for the reconstruction of the New Main Building on August 31, 2015.

  • On the last day, the Final Concert was held at the Main Lobby.

  • A group photo of the Okura staff was taken when the Main Building closed. Then the preparation for the single operation of the South Wing started on the following day.

  • The South Wing reopened on September 1, 2015. Three restaurants and a bar moved from the old Main Building.

  • La Belle Epoque/Baron Okura, a fusion of French Cuisine La Belle Epoque and Baron Okura, a wine dining and cigar bar, newly opened in September, 2015.

  • This is the new Chinese Cuisine Toh-Ka-Lin. We have recently introduced yum-cha time and offer a dim-sum meal prepared by Chinese dumpling masters, just like we used to at Chinese Table Starlight in the old Main Building.

  • Japanese Cuisine Yamazato relocated to the 2nd floor of the South Wing. We offer our authentic Japanese cuisine that has been loved by many guests.

  • Teppanyaki Sazanka also relocated to the South Wing. The service staff, called “roasters” (“yakite” in Japanese), prepare the top-quality wagyu-beef while the guests look on and enjoy the ingredients’ distinctive flavors.

  • Main Bar Orchid Bar relocated to the 12th floor of the South Wing. It boasts of large windows that allow you to watch the sky change color.