Continuing the Tradition,
Continuing to Evolve

Well-established and newly-born bars and restaurants
bestow epicurean
moments in the spirit of Okura.
Different styles and tastes
open doors to other worlds
where every guest can experience
unforgettable moments.

The Okura Heritage Wing

Name Floor Opening hours
French Cuisine “Nouvelle Epoque” 5F 7:00-10:00 / 11:30-14:30 / 17:30-21:30
Japanese Cuisine “Yamazato” 4F 7:00-9:30(Sat., Sun., and holidays -10:00)
11:30-14:30 / 17:30-21:30

The Okura Prestige Tower

Name Floor Opening hours
Teppanyaki “Sazanka” 41F 11:30-14:30 / 17:30-21:30
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin” 6F 11:30-14:30
(Sat., Sun., and holidays -15:30)
All Day Dining “Orchid” 5F 6:30-22:00
Main Bar “Orchid Bar” 5F 11:30-1:00
Bar & Lounge “Starlight” 41F 11:30-0:00

Restaurant Reservation